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GRD and VAV Box Cross Reference

 Type Krueger Titus Price
 Bar Type Supply 880 300RS 520S 
 Curved Blade Supply 180 250  SCVD 
 Egg Crate Return EGC 50F-1  80 
 Bar Type Return S80 350RL-1   530L
 Perf. Return 6790 PXP  ---- 
Plaque Face Supply  PLQ OMNI  SPD 
VAV Diffuser  VPQ T3SQ  VPD-HC 
Stamped Louvered Face Supply  1400 TMS-3  SCD-3 
Louvered Face Beveled Supply  SH TDC-6  SMD-6 
Perforated Curved Blade (Square) 6200 PCS  PDC 
Perforated Return (Round)  6490 PAR  PDDR-3 
Perforated Curved Blade (Round) 6500 PCS  PDC 
Perforated Return (Round)  6690 PDR  PDC 
Steel Plenum Slot Supply Diffuser  PTBS TBD-80  TBD-4 
Aluminum Linear Slot Diffuser  1900 ML/MLR  SDS/SDR 
Round Supply RM1 TMR RCD